Finance House Group Australia

The Finance House Group Australia family exists to empower and support you, and those you care about, to achieve your greatest dreams and be there at the time of your greatest need.

Our mission is to grow and protect every Australian individual, family and business, to facilitate a consistent movement towards their fullest potential, for whatever that may be for them.

In all that we do, as individuals personally and reflected in how we work with you, we always strive to adhere to our three key values of :

Integrity – Innovation – Independence

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Your Local Finance

YLF is all about turning your lifestyle dream into your lifestyle reality with a smoother and easier residential or personal lending experience that offers you the best chance of getting a YES! decision.

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Your Local Finance (Commercial)

THE business and equipment lending experience that we offer, turns the often complex process into something simple with our experienced team walking beside you every single step of the way. Turn your business ideas and goals into your business reality.

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Corporate and Commercial by Finance House

Corporate lending offers a specific set of challenges and opportunities for Australian business owners that we are in the best place to assist you with. With access to the full range of business and equipment finance products we are the first call you should make.

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Finance House Broker

Your incredible opportunity to be part of our unique services.

Embracing the underlying principles of the Finance House Group family, your chance to join us in our mission to grow and protect every Australian family and business with the support, infrastructure and guidance you need.
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Pink by Finance House

Pink by Finance House is a female to female finance service that exists to EMPOWER Australian women to take action on their financial health through education, guidance and access to a range of solutions that match their individual circumstances.

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Platinum by Finance House

Innovative loan solutions for high net worth clients young professionals qualified in the fields of accountancy, law, medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and engineering to acquire a home with only a limited deposit. Our contribution, and part of our desire, to see Australia excel at the highest level.

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Red8 by Finance House

Supporting Australian individuals, families and communities Red8 by finance house aims to offer the most appropriate finance products across personal, business and wealth products to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

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ReFi And Save

Current economic conditions have resulted in the unusually ideal circumstances to consider refinance in residential and business lending. Many Australian are paying far more than they need to. ReFi and save aims to put this right.

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Rainbow by Finance House

Providing finance services and contributing back to the LGBT community, Rainbow aims to offers unique residential and business solutions with passion and commitment.

Developing community links through the ‘Rainbow Heart’ programme is key to the underlying philosophy of this business and the group as a whole.

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SME by Finance House

The finance world is often an unknown entity for many small and medium enterprises. There are equipment and business finance options available that can accelerate your business NOW! discover what is possible with one of our expert dedicated team.

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‘Make a Wish’ Foundation

The Finance House Group Australia family consider it essential to contribute to the Australian community as a whole.

Congruent with our underlying values and the desire of all of our teams, we are delighted. proud and privileged to have a formal relationship with, and support an organisation that has making lives better as it’s core focus.

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